Presenting Aseptica, Inc

Aseptica is a medical device development company focused on EDTA related products. Dr. Peter Kite is the Lead Inventor of EDTA catheter technologies, and Co-Founder of Aseptica, Inc.


Our current product is Kitelock flush with EDTA.


Kitelock/EDTA was first commercialized in Canada: The Kitelock name for Canada only, Aseptica's Canadian patent, the SterileCare name, and Aseptica-owned clinical data was provided to SterileCare-Canada, by Aseptica, to help them get Health Canada approval.


Combined with incredible dedication and hard work, SterileCare-Canada has managed to initiate use, validate safety, and start the conversation on EDTA as a novel and effective catheter management tool.


The information on this site relates to the USA where Aseptica is the exclusive holder of multiple USA and International patents as well as the KiteLock Trademark for multiple countries (excluding Canada).


No permissions have been granted to any company or individual to sell or market EDTA catheter technologies in the USA.


We look forward to launching the EDTA catheter technology (KiteLock Flush with EDTA) in the USA.