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Peter Kite, PhD., FIMLS

Chief Scientific Officer



During my 44 years of service to the UK National Health Service, I have worked in two of the largest hospitals in Northern England in various sectors of clinical science within pathology. I ultimately specialized in Microbiology and became a Principal Research Scientist at Leeds Medical School Laboratories.


I was one of the first researchers to recognize that the endoluminal colonization of central venous catheters was, in fact, the beginning of biofilm formation. The biofilm matrix and protective interior of the inside of a catheter, shields microbes from the host’s immunological defenses and promotes rapid resistance to antibiotics.


This first led me to the development of rapid diagnostic tests to detect the presence of biofilm on catheter surfaces and to investigate preventative technologies. With the support of Aseptica Inc. USA, I then discovered the power of various formulations and concentrations of EDTA solutions which can potentially effect the inside of intravenous access devices. 


I am honored to be able to provide an important patient safety technology that will alleviate patient suffering wherever and whenever catheters are used.

April 2, 2020